Gummers Wow

I know, I know……… it’s Gummers How.  One of the best known and accesable view points in the Lake District.  Without too much effort you can get fantastic views over Lake Windermere and across the Coniston Old Man, the Langdale and beyond.

Lake Windermere and Gummers How
Lake Windermere and Gummers How

But today I didn’t walk Gummers How, I went to the car park, looked at the view, and then turned around and walked into the woods.  And it was great.  I could already see people on the path upto Gummers How, and I was feeling pretty unsociable, so by walking in the oposite directions I had a great walk, fantastic views……… but saw no one!

So the walk starts in the car park, above Lake Windermere, and off I go, immediately losing the path…. well I am my father’s daughter and he was awful at following maps, most of my young life was spent trundling along behind as he would say “follow me” down some steep scree or slope with no legitimate path in sight… but we always made it home.

Whilst looking for the path, I found frogs spawn, and lots of it, it was a large puddle of jelly with black dots in!

But after a short while I found the path I was looking for (honestly) and then headed towards Sow How, Foxfield and Simpson Ground. I have never been on the walk before, and it was beautiful.  The sun kept appearing then off again behind the clouds.

I had no idea but there is simpson ground reservoir.

The views were fantastic, and the woodland; proper old English, knarly old oaks and yew.

There were also some evergreens which at this time of year gave some additional colour.

And then on my way back, well it would be rude not to.  I had 4 pub to drive past, so just managed to call in at one, wood burning stove to help dry the mud, and a little glass of something white!

A good way to spend a few hours.



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