Honey & Almond Cake

This is yummy  and as ever easy, and freezable, IF you don’t eat it all! It is also great warmed up with ice cream for a fab pudding. It also take quite a few eggs and as my girls are laying well, despite being confined to barracks  it is a good use of eggs.


150g self raising flour
150g ground almonds
350g unsalted butter - left out of fridge so soft
260g caster sugar
4 eggs
1tsp baking powder
good few spoons of runny honey 


As you can see I have made 2 cakes, so doubled the ingredients.  The plan is to put one into the freezer.


set oven at 160oC

Grease 24 cm cake tin, or 2 tins for smaller cakes and line with baking parchment

In a mixer, add butter and sugar and wiz together to cream 
add eggs one at a time and wiz

remove bowl from the mixer, 
add sieved flour, baking powder and ground almond and fold into mix

pour into cake tins

bake for 45/50 mins, or until when put a skewer into cake it comes out clean, 
It will take longer for 2 cakes 

whilst hot, pour honey on top and allow it to soak in.

Allow to cool…….. if you can ……….. or just eat!





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