Roadworks! Really !!

What a bore, and a delay, and how to make someone grumpy…………..

Well…… living in the Lake District I really cannot complain when I am struck in traffic, or diverted, as although it is never the best way to spend time, I often have a great outlook.

Since the beginning of this year there have been roadworks, closing the route I take to work, it is due to finish next week, which made me start to think, I may actually miss my detour.

Now lets not be silly, it is only in the last few weeks I have been able to see anything as the journey to and from work is in the dark until March, but now I can even get to and from work in the sunshine.  Today it is glorious sun, Tuesday, it was snow and sleet.  But the views!

My normal route is great, and, I can keep my wing mirrors out the whole journey, on this route, I fold them in so as to keep them, and not let passing vehicles going the other way take them with them.

I go through Crosthwaite, Underbarrow and over the tops at Gummers How and down to Lake Windermere.   I also have to pass a collection of very nice country pubs so probably a good job I will be back to my route soon, otherwise, the journey home may start to take even longer as the nights get longer and warmer!

All these photo’s were taken in the same week, including these..

Clocks spring forward this weekend,…….


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