a wander around brothers water

It is a nice easy walk, flat literally all the way, which is not unsurprising as it follows the lake shore!

The drive is fantastic going over Kirkstone Pass to drop down to the water. It used to be called Broad Water, but the name was changed to Brothers Water at the beginning of the 19th Century after 2 brothers drown.  Apart from that bit of gloomy news, even on a dull day it looks fantastic. But today was glorious.

My mum is staying, it is Mothers Day, and she is here for the weekend, at 87, she is still happy doing a 6 mile walk, but today we are having a short walk…. as we are getting back to do some gardening (no rest for the wicked).

The only disadvantage of the walk at this time of year is the sheep and lambs everywhere, so Ellie pops is on the lead quite a bit so doesn’t get as tired.  But she gets to paddle in the water and run up the side of the fells so not too bad a run out!

And at the end of the walk, it would be rude not to call in at the White Lion at Patterdale for a little drink…..  The weather has been fantastic (I am embarrased to say I think I have got sun burn)!! Spent a good weekend with my mum, she will head off after 9 tomorrow, so as to miss the traffic.  She is already eyeing up my ironing pile which she will not be able to leave, also a couple of Ellie’s toys need some surgery, so she will get her needle out and fix them before she head off.

SL  x

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