School Knott…

Out and about at last!!!

Well I have had a busy few weeks, helping with a brewery, and in the midst of it all Ellie came into season, so I haven’t been able to really walk her.  But thankfully we are now able to go back out and about freely… And both Ellie and I are very pleased.

We are still in the Easter Holiday busy season here, visitors are numerous, which means the roads are busy, so I decided to go towards Bowness on Windermere, along the back roads and then walk up to School Knott.

It isn’t a big walk, or a high walk, but as if often the way, the views are still pretty good!

The view looks down onto the village of Windermere and then across the Lake towards the Langdale fells and further west to Coniston Old Man.


views from school knott walk
views from school knott walk


At this time of year the spring flowers are at their best, the daffodils, which I do like (even though they are bright yellow), are just beginning to be past their best, and now the next set come through,  these are a bit more subtle.

The walk even allows a look at a few very nice houses, some large and some small.


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