Christmas tree in April

And a fake tree at that!!

Well that is where Mr & Mrs Robin have made their nest this year.

The not so better other half was tasked with putting the artificial tree away after Christmas this year….. I “need” to have at least 2 trees, so as one goes right next to a radiator so it has to be artificial, with the other(s) being real. All that needed to happen was that the branches were bent inwards and then it was placed in a bag in the barn above the stables…. well it made it to the barn, but that was it.

But it has a use, a very sheltered, out of the wind and rain home.

I went up into the top of the barn a couple of weeks ago and got dived bombed by a robin, which means get away you are too close to my nest.  So I looked around until I spotted the Christmas tree had hay hanging out of it. And looking a bit further, there were was the nest with a clutch of  5 eggs inside.  They are so pretty and dainty.


I backed away so as not to scare the parents away.

That was the 13th April and I popped back for another sneak view today, and we have chicks.

The tree will need a bit of a clean up before next Christmas, but I will leave it where it is and see if there in another brood hatched alter in the year.


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