Mint Meringues

At this time of year, I am inundated with eggs, luckily I do have avenues to sell them.  Which as such allows me to keep more chickens than I really need.  I also have a good collection of different breeds which provide me with cream, brown, green and blue eggs.
But, getting back to being inundated, meringues are great, now I have an electric oven, you really cannot go wrong…. whisk, add sugar… whisk..  put in oven for around an hour and they are done, they will also last in an air tight container for a good couple of weeks or so.
This version gives a bit of a kick and colour to the standard version, but is just as easy…

2 large egg whites
100g caster sugar

20g of peppermint ( or any other you may have)
set the oven at 150c
Having already separated the egg whites, whisk them to get stiff peaks
Add the sugar, a spoonful at a time, whilst continuing to whisk 

Using a pestle and mortar mash up the mint along with a good pinch of sugar
this is actually harder than it looks, I add quite a bit of sugar as it
helps break down the leaves
Add the mint to the meringue mix, gently stir in with a metal spoon.

Place some parchment onto a baking tray

Using the metal spoon place a dollop of the mixture onto the parchment
then add a smaller dollop on top (this helps to make the pointy look) 

Turn the oven down to 140oC
Place in the oven for around around an hour.

They are cooked when slightly brown on top and hollow when tapped

Once cooked, turn the heat off in the oven, leave the door ajar
but leave them in to cool, this helps (but doesn't stop) them cracking
mint meringues
mint meringues

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