I Love Herdy

Who doesn’t love a Herdy.  They are one, if not “the” most resilient breeds of sheep. None of this namby pamby lambing in a shed for these ladies.  Outside on the Lakeland fells all winter, and then in May, pop out a lamb or 2 in the field, then back to eating grass!

The lambs are born black, when they are a year old they go brownish, then after their first shearing go lighter still. They are so cute as well as good and strong and producers of great meat and coarse wool.

They are a true image of the Lake District. These photograph were taken on my way to the Old Dungeon Ghyll pub in the heart of the Langdales.

My Dad some 70 plus years ago used to cycle the 60 mile trip from just north of Preston in Lancashire to the Langdales and camp in the valley bottom.  In the morning he would run up to stickle tarn for a wash, come back down and then go walking for the day. He went to the Lake District on his and my mother’s honeymoon, and visited every weekend and holiday he could thereafter.  It was no accident that when I went looking for a job, it had to be in the Lakes. My heart had followed my Dad’s up here, and I will never leave.

Especially when you can admire the views whilst having a swift pint.






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