I’m Published!!!

Well, lets not get giddy, I am only published because I paid for it…………. Ha Ha Ha….

That said at the beginning of this year I was contacted by Blook who I had my blog printed by to say that they had read it, and found it really unusual.  It was a bit of everything(!!)  There were walks, life, gardens, chickens, recipes all in one blog.

They asked if I would do an interview for them to publish.  And they have.  I realise they probably say this to all the bloggers, but I am still going to feel slightly proud that they picked me.

My blog is really a diary of the GOOD bits in my life, I don’t dwell on the unhappy or boring, dull everyday stuff.  This of course doesn’t mean the unhappy  bits don’t happen. I started my blog as a way to show to myself, in a diary form that I am very very lucky, my life is pretty blessed and on those dark days I need to be able to remember that. I wrote the blog for myself, selfishly, I haven’t told my family it is here, I have only told a few friends.  I am conscious that people will think I am showing off the idyllic Lakeland Life Style……………… No

I did not mention the loss of the father in law last year which was devastating, I have not mentioned that I have separated from my husband this year, hence the gap in me posting, I have needed to get my head of the ground, give myself a shake and get on with life.  I am still very lucky I am still in my house (fingers crossed I can stay here), I still have horses, puppy dog, cats, chickens, friends family and love around me.

So, this “published” blogger is going to get back on with blogging.


If anyone reads this……… thanks………… love SL



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