Boating about

My big sister (who is small but older) has shares in a canal boat, which means she can use it a week a year… and I get to go with her.  So big sis, me and 2 friends headed off down the Shropshire Union canal for a relax.

And the only thing you can do on a canal boat is relax, walkers pass you by never mind the odd jogger or cyclist who are out of sight in minutes.  Within a few hours I metamorphosis  from land loving human to water loving vole.  your perspective changes, the speed of car which can be seen on the roads around you cause worry, how can anything go that fast; and I shrink back down to below road level and commune with the ducks and admire the beautiful scenery.

It is also a good excuse to try out some alcoholic beverages; say, wine with lunch, G&T or Pimms mid-afternoon, then some more wine.  When we load the boat up at the start of the week, we seem to have enough nibbles and alcohol for a small army, but it all seems to disappear quite quickly.

There is some navigation that has to happen, so we don’t go the wrong way, but of course there are books to help.

And just when you think it is G&T time, a lock appears and it is all hands to the deck to get from one side to the other.

This was the first year that Ellie came with us, first night was very exciting… for her not me, I didn’t sleep as she would not settle. After that she was so exhausted counting ducks and geese all day she slept all night.

(I only made he wear her light jacket on the first day and then as she was so good, just going through any locks).

Roll on next year!

SL x

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