Wild Swimming

…. is just another way and a more modern way of saying skinny dipping (although I do wear my cossie) ….. But it is fun.  I went for a walk up a local fell and up  and over Potter Fell,  to Potter tarn, a reservoir for the local papermill.  From there I climb a little bit further over to Gurnal Dubs.  This is a privately owned tarn, and is man made, but the views are great and, unlike a lot of water in the Lake District it is always really quiet.

As I have a springer spaniel who is scared of water, I took the opportunity of, with me swimming, trying to encourage her to join me it the water…. I did feel quite cruel as she swam to me and then climbed onto my head to get out, never mind the thought that the 2 swans heading towards us might eat her as well as possibly drowning.


It also took a great deal of her confidence to come in the water, as well as me not dropping my phone whilst taking pictures whilst treading water in the middle of the reservoir.  She also had a few attempts and had to head back to dry land for safety!

I then headed out to Torver, a village near the foot of Coniston Water, I was meeting up with friends to head off for a bike ride, and leaving Ellie in the car, but it was too hot, and I would have had a cooked dog.  So I cycled down to the lake shore and had another swim, this time Ellie was a bit more enthusiastic.

Ellie swimming in Coniston Water
Ellie swimming in Coniston Water
Coniston Water
Coniston Water
Coniston Water
Coniston Water

I love living in the Lake District, especially in the summer.


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