Patience is a virtue

Which generally I do not have. For  28 MONTHS I have owned my Hackney Gelderland gelding; 28 months, and not ridden him.

I bought him as a very scruffy 2 year old………… fact I bought him out of a field, which was on such a steep slope I did not even seen if he could trot…. But he was the nephew of my old Hackney who I had lost a few years earlier.  In that Benson, my old Hackney’s father was this 2 years old granddad…. There will have been lots of other “family” members as the stallions were put to good use, if you understand my drift!

BUT it made him family, and I really didn’t care if he had 3 legs, he was going to be mine…. So

what I ended up doing was ignoring the fact that he was 2, which meant I would not be able to ride him for at least 2 years; which meant I would be spending lots of money feeding and looking after him before I could do anything with him… I also ignored the fact that even at 2 years old he was just under 17 Hands, which means huge!! Far bigger than (a) I needed, (b), any tack I had would fit him.  So ultimately I would also have to buy him a new wardrobe.

And that is exactly what has happened, he has eaten me out of house and home, I have bought him new rugs to keep him warm in winter, which within a few months he has grown out of and I have had to buy him more.

But I adore him, he is like a big Labrador; so bounds and jumps about, not meaning to jump on top of you  but often doing just that, thankfully is not a bad bone in his body as they say as he is massive, something over 17 hands (I haven’t measure as I usually just pretend he is a little pony).

I have played and walked him out and got him ready to ride, and now I can proudly say I have a horse I can ride!


It was last Sunday, home along feeling a bit grumpy that it had got to August and I was still not riding him; I had said I would start riding him in June, then that slipped to July, but August, well that is just too long.

So, very gently, I positioned 2 bales of shaving next to him and slid aboard.  And that is the start of makings of a partnership in heaven.

I have ridden him out 4 times now, he has had a few jiggles, but I have not fallen off, or hit any passing cars who think just because he is so tall he must be older than he is and that he should understands that he must not try to sit on cars…. I am trying to explain.

My friend, who has the “joy” (she may not call it that) of riding out with me on Bailey the calm and sensible horse bought me an early birthday present.  An “oh shit strap”, which I used within the first few minutes.

Patience is a virtue……….I now have Tinker Tallisman Ackroyd Duke, AKA Russell, who I plan to be riding when I am too old to walk (although some sort of crane/pulley system to enable me to get on will be required by then).

Thank you everyone who has helped with bring my dream to a reality.


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