The Force of Aira

May the force be with you, and in the Lake District this is a definite, as far as the force of water is concerned.

Aira Force is one of my favourite winter walks, or walks when there is flooding.  The paths and bridges were built in Victorian time. There has been some renovation in recent times which now means that the National Trust can justify their car parking charges!!  anyway, at the bottom of the falls is an arboretum; trees collected by the Victorians which have now grown to fantastic sizes. My favourite is a monkey puzzle tree whose trunk looks like saggy stockings on an ostriches leg… don’t you think?


whenever I take this walk I feel like I should be wearing a full length skirt and corset and tip toe around making sure my petticoat doesn’t get mud on it.

As it is a tramp around in my walking boots wondering at the magnificence of force of nature.

It is one of the walks I can do if it raining, just as long as it had rained long enough for it to be in full flood.

It can be a short meander just around the 2 bridges or head off onto the fells around so as to get the view of Ulswater and the mountains around.

And if you walk north, you head to a village with a pub, what could be more perfect.

SL x

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