Garden Salad with grated Halloumi

I always have halloumi in the fridge, summer or winter it will be there in the back of the salad draw, which I just have full of cheese.  But I have only ever grilled or fried or baked it, I have not eaten it raw, until it got grated by mistake.  And I decided I liked it raw.  Although you will be pleased to hear it still squeaks.

At this time of year I am lucky that salad can be obtained from a walk down into the pottager and polytunnel.  I have lettuce; lambs lettuce and rocket tomatoes, basil, fennel sugar snaps and nasturtium flowers.  I have cucumber coming but this is not ready yet.  I also have baby courgettes which I add to salads by slicing finely.

So this dish comprises of me walking into the garden, giving the salad a quick rinse, I add the sugar snaps in bite size pieces, and then put everything on a plate, then grate the  halloumi on top. I also add any seeds I have in the cupboards for extra crunch.  I don’t feel it needs salad dressing as it has the halloumi, but that doesn’t mean you don’t……


Then just eat with a small glass (or 2) of white wine.





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