Limoncello, Gin & Tonic Cocktail

So I thought, I shouldn’t open a bottle of wine tonight, as if I did I may well drink the whole bottle, so instead I thought, what have I got in the cupboards that I can have instead….

I love Limoncello, and I had some gin…. so how about a version of a Collins? A Collins is a gin cocktail with added syrup and lemon juice, so adding Limoncello is almost the same thing?



Soda or Tonic Water

put all in a glass and drink..  
I have not put the amounts in as you may want more gin than Limocello,
I like a little bit more Limocello as I love the lemony sweet taste.

I add lots of ice, I fill the crystal glass, then add the sprits 
and top of with tonic water. give a bit of a stir.  
Then ideally sit in the sunshine and sip away!


Now if you don’t have any Limoncello… and I do think most of us have a bottle collecting dust in a cupboard, it is really easy to make….


700 ml Vodka
10 lemons

300g sugar
300ml or water 

peel the lemons making sure there is no or little white pith left on
add to the vodka 
Place in a dark cupboard for at least 2 weeks
when ready..

heat the water and add the sugar, gently boil until sugar has dissolved

Strain the vodka removing all the lemon
Add the syrup mixture 
allow it to mix together for at least a day, it is then ready to drink

Enjoy SL  x


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