Unnamed Reservoir

So last weekend, after a hectic few days I decided to take Ellie for a “short walk” not far from home, to a reservoir I had only just spotted on the map when looking for somewhere to walk; close to home so as to avoid the tourist traffic.

On the map it is just shown as a reservoir, no name next to it, or even name of a fell.

The only problem was, as I knew, or thought I knew the route I paid too little attention to where I was going, so instead of heading towards Ings village I headed down into Staveley village. So had to climb back having walked along to Ings.  Past a few very handsome cows with their calves and the bull, thankfully having a sit down.

Not the end of the world, just felt very stupid, and had an extra couple of hours to walking.  Ellie enjoyed herself and it was worth it.  It felt like I had found a hidden gem.

It was a great day which added to the views across to the big fells in the Lakes as well as over to the Howgills in Yorkshire.

“Hidden Gem”…  Of course no such thing, I was telling a friend, who swiftly informed me the unnamed reservoir is called High Fairbanks Tarn.

It is available to be fished if you are a member of WADAA (Windermere, Ambleside & District Angling Association).   The thing I don’t get about fishing, and here is another good example….. so you walk to, I agree a fantastic water, with fantastic view, sit yourself down with stick and string (I think there are more technical terms available) and if you are lucky catch a fish, here at High Fairbanks Tarn, I am told it could well be Brown or Rainbow Trout.  Yummy, dinner sorted……… NO  you have to throw them back in?!!?  I just do not get that.  I think butter and lemon with new potatoes sounds a lot better.

I also spotted some dragon flies.

enjoy the views.



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