Reston Scar

Just above Staveley Village is a little lump, a hill at the head of the village which is at the foot of Kentmere. And is a good start to a little walk, so starting the walk at Barley Bridge I head up a steepish track, straight up, no map needed there is a path and you can see the top nearly all the way up.

Barley Bridge
Barley Bridge

But the thing about little hills it that they get you high enough to get the great views of the big daddies further into the lakes.  Reston Scar is only a spit away from Kentmere Horseshoe, one of Wainwrights favourites, and a good days stomp. The views to the north show the Langdales and to the south east, the Howgills,  in neighbouring Yorkshire.

View from Reston Fell
View from Reston Fell

Once at the top, you can admire the views and then head back down to Staveley for “light refreshments”.

Or you can head off and do a circular which brings you out at the start of the Kentmere road. It adds a bit of distance to what otherwise is a very short walk.

This is a favourite of mine, especially as at the moment as the fields close to home are covered in pheasants which Ellie insists on catching, and unfortunately not all of them survive!

Whatever the weather the views are stunning.





  1. J & D > Happy memories from when we lived in Kendal, early 1980s. Our eldest started nursery school there. My but we did some walking : best place we’ve ever lived for variety of landscape and abundance of walks. Local favourites were in the Lyth valley, but also in the Kent Value, from the pottery (is it still in business) on up to the tops. The maps will be coming out this evening for some reminiscing!


    • do you mean Kentmere valley, the pottery, Gordon fox studio, still going strong…. I have a couple of pieces of his. It is such a small world really isn’t it. I drive through the Lyth valley sometime as a bit of a detour to work, the damsons are all for sale there at the moment. kindest regards sx


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