Wonderfully Wild

……. Women’s Weekend.

Oh yes, how much fun can a group of women have, sleeping in tepee’s, open fires, and the odd beverage!!

This was organised by a group I have been on yoga and swimming events with before, and although the itinerary was not really known, or the venue, until just beforehand, I thought it sounded good fun, and it was.

We all arrived for evening meal and a few beers round the fire and details of what the weekend entailed: Yoga started at 8am on Saturday morning followed by wild swimming, followed by a hot drink and cakes!! there were then events including a Gong Bath and henna tattoo.

The evening entailed stories and song and poetry whilst having a few more drinks around the campfire.  The tents were great, 8 of us in one tent (plus a spaniel to help keep us warm)  as I was soo close to home I went back for extra blankets…

Sunday morning started with Qi Gong, then an epic bike ride over the fells and far away… and face down into a stream, but lets not mention that little hic up….

The venue was fantastic, the views were looking south over Kendal town, with lights twinkling at night with almost a mirror image of stars shining down.

The weather was not only kind to us but glowing, the sun shone and although nippy help give fantastic views.

Cannot thank the organizer enough..




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