Pickled Blackberries


I believe it is true that fruit and berries that arrive in the Autumn naturally go with the other; how about blackberry and apple pie! blackberry and rhubarb pie is just wrong. The same can be said for meats that are available now, the start of the game season has arrived, and duck with pickled blackberry sauce is delicious.

This pickle can be made and used on the same day, or, jarred up for the winter season. if you drain away the vinegar, the blackberries are great in a small dish with cheese and biscuits on a cold winters night.



500 g Blackberries, or enough to fit into a storage jar
50ml red wine vinegar
100ml water
100g granulated sugar
1 tbsp. salt
10 juniper berries
10 black peppercorns


sterilise the storage jar

Wash the blackberries as quickly as possible so as not to loose the juice

gently bash the juniper berries

In a heavy bottom saucepan add all the ingredients EXCEPT the blackberries
slowly bring to the boil and stir until the salt and sugar has dissolved,
allow to cool

Pack the blackberries into the storage jar, as full as possible without 
crushing them.

Pour the vinegar sauce into the storage jar and seal shut whilst still warm.

I keep the jars in a dark cool cupboard and it will last all winter, if you make enough!! it can also easily be made with frozen blackberries, just add slightly less water.




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