Walling around

Really!!!……. I attended a 2 day walling course;………. you may be right, I may have been the only woman on the course, the rest were slightly older and men.

I am a member of Cumbria Wildlife, which means every quarter I get a “what on” guide which happens to be the perfect size for reading in the bath.  Reading in the bath also includes the necessity of a glass of wine; due to the change in weather I am now on the red.  Which gave me the courage so say, yes, I can do that!  And so I rang up and put my name down, 2 days worth of walling.

Day one involved taking the wall down, only when you go to rebuild a wall do you realise the importance of putting the stones in separate piles, “throughs”, “tops” and a new term to me “hearting” stones.

By the end of day one the wall was down, foundations made and we had just started rebuilding.  By the end of day two there was a rebuilt, stronger and straighter magnificent wall, which should last the next 100 years (North Korea and Trump being ignored).

It was hard work, but a great skill to learn, I am itching to have a go on some walls which are down at home.  I also met some interesting chaps, with great knowledge of the local area and stone.  The course was held at a Cumbria Wildlife Trust site called Eycott Hill which is between Penrith and Keswick in the north of the Lake District.  The views were fantastic north towards Blencathra.

The drive there was also great, my sat nav told me to head up the motorway! what? when you could drive over Kirkstone Pass along Brothers Water and Ulswater?  I stopped on the second day to take some pictures, and have a coffee before the hard work began.


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