Rag Rug

Well it seemed a good idea in June, which is when I started it, and now some 5 months later when I have eventually finished it, it again seems a good idea.  But it has taken some patience, and a lot of mess.  Who would have thought it would be so messy.

The hessian backing molts everywhere. I cheated slightly, perhaps? Not sure if you would call it a cheat, but I bought the material to make the rug.

I didn’t want just any old colours. I needed it to fit the snug, or morning room. In front of the fire.  The material was cotton, which again moulted, it was mainly green, and browns and cream.  It had big pink flowers. But I didn’t want this colour, so I cut round them, allowing the odd fleck of pink to come through, hopefully if it get marked it will look like the patern.

Anyway I used a metal tool for threading the material through the hessian backing and a gauge to cut the material into the same sized strips.

I am really pleased with the end result, I have never made one before and used youtube to learn… how did we cope before youtube?………… I know the answer, we would ask our grandparents!

I will make another…. maybe next year!




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