Wedding Flowers

wedding flowers
wedding flowers

I was excited and nervous, being asked to do the wedding flowers, even for friends is a scary prospect…. I have know Lindsay for quite some years and feel I know her very well and was confident that she would be happy with whatever I did, if it wasn’t quite as she had thought, that would still be ok, she knows I am not a professional and wouldn’t expect perfection.  But I don’t know Mandy as well, and the last thing I wanted was to upset her by the flowers not being good enough. She was very clear on her colours, the whole wedding theme was based on autumnal colours so purple, greens, dark red, along with wedding creams.

The flowers were chosen; eryngium, veronica, lisianthus, eucalyptus, lavender and cream roses….. All I had to do was put them together into bouquets,  button holes, corsage and table decorations.  Oh and on time so everyone was ready, but not too early so everyone had drooped.

So the day before I got the main arrangements made, bound them together and put everything in water overnight.  In the morning I dried the stems, taped and added the ribbons, and the safety pins. All ready to go on time……………. no panic (honestly)!!!

Then a quick dash off to the hotel and passed the flowers over to the party members who were staying there, including Mandy, and then off to sort the table decorations.


After the stress had subsided, (there was only mine everyone else was fine) and the flowers had lasted through the ceremony and through the taking of the photographs (I do believe the actually lasted out the whole day) I could relax.  It was a beautiful day, with love flowing.   And it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

May their happiness last forever.

Love SL


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