Lantern Parade

Means Christmas is coming!

It is tradition, we all head to Ambleside, just above Lake Windermere; go to the centre of the village, buy mulled wine and a mince pie (first of the season) then get our spot and watch the parade. Then head down to the field next to the Church for the best firework display ever.

And this year was no different.  We always seem lucky with the weather. Cold, which is good but fine. You need to be in Ambleside by no later than 3 in the afternoon.  “FC” get a ferry on the Lake from Bowness to Waterhead, there he jumps off and gets onto his sleigh and with a couple of reindeer heads off into the village.

His first stop is always the old peoples home on the way into the village. You can see him through the windows giving out presents, and I am sure more importantly hugs…. (I want to know how old you have to be to be able to live there).

There have been workshops for people to go and make the lanters ealier in the autumn, but families also bring out their old ones that they have had for years, some are very patched.  There are old favourites.  You can also see times changing, there is a Sponge Bob, Dr Who tardise as well as stars.  All made out of wax paper with candles carefully fitted inside.

Then the Christmas lights get turned on!!

Then everyone heads down, past the steep spire of St Mary’s Church and into the field surrounded by the fells.  The lights go out and the fireworks begin.

Now unfortunately they are so good, all I can do is watch, I cannot take photographs at the same time.  Thankfully one of our party took a couple..

Ambleside lantern parade
Ambleside lantern parade
the team
the team

Then everyone back to mine, Nooo I cannot cook for that many with hungry tummies. So sourdough pizza company takes the pressure off whilst sat in front of the fire.

Great time had.


SL x





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