Moving Alpaca

Really, putting then in a trailer and moving them to a different field!  How hard can it be…. well I can answer that now, it is akin to herding cats!

The adults, not too bad, although they can sit down on you if they get fed up, but the babies, or crea to give them their proper name are too small to have head collars on so they wander wherever they like.

And all of them think nothing of electric fences.

My big sister has her own herd, comprising of 4.  Not a big herd, but still more than me.  She and a friend who has a small herd as well were moving them to a new farm, with better land and better access.  She asked me for help in setting up the electric fencing and moving.  How difficult could it be….. very.  Alpaca’s can carry TB, deadly within the cattle world and as such if moved they have to be placed in quarantine. Quarantine being spitting distance (literally) from any other alpaca’s not from the same herd.

So 3 rows of electric fencing all hooked up to batteries to give a sharp shock if touched. I was confident this would work easily and we wouldn’t even need 3 rows, I mean my huge 17.2 hand horse will not go near electric fencing, having touched it the once…. Oh no, not only did they have no fear, even after they had got a shock even with 3 rows up, the tried to step through the middle and escape.

Thankfully by the time we had finished little treasures were secure, behind 2 lines of 3 rows of fencing.  And they stayed their until the vets gave them the all clear from TB and they were allowed out to roam the whole field.

Here is a few pictures from earlier in the year on a family visit.


Happy days.


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