Chalk painting

So I wanted to move a storage heating in my sitting room.  When you walked into the room it was the first thing you saw… not very pretty.  So I undid 2 little screws at the side and wham, there is was flat on the floor.  Heaven knowns how it had stayed up as long as it had.  I then nearly killed myself dragging to the otherside of the room…. But then when you walked into the room there was a blank ugly wall with dried lining paper….  I knew I wanted a little writing desk to go there, but hadn’t found one.

I had to go into town for some dog food; any excuse to call into the local charity shop.  And there it was, my could be perfect writing bureau..  All it needed was some tlc and a key to open the side doors.

Somehow it was put into the back seats of my car, with the roof down, I drove home quickly so as not to freeze to death.  The thing about old furniture is that it is heavy and it was a struggle getting out of the car at home.

Then to the chalk paint,  I used Rust-Oleum, as it is a bit cheaper than Annie Sloan and I cannot tell the difference.  I used a creamy colour to add some warmth.  2 coats, then a bit of sanding here and there.  Then a good coat of wax polish.  I then sprayed the inside of the cupboards and desk area with white gold to make it bright and shinny inside.

The draw handles I took off and put into coca cola to clean (a very good reason never to drink the stuff).

All in all it took a couple of days with time to dry and walking Ellie and to tidy up the dust afterwards ( sanding outside would be sensible, but not in this weather).

But so proud!   Next is a little dining table.


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