Candlelit supper

Christmas would not be Christmas without a candle lit supper at friends (as in Hyacinth Bucket and meant as a bit of a joke!).  Helen goes all out to make it such a special night, we start with bubbles then have more food that we can in reality eat, and the house is decorated to an inch of it’s life.

A few days before we help decorate the house, which means going for a walk in the woods and finding ivy and holly with red berries on.  Then back to Helen’s to drink mulled wine and, using a staple gun attack her house.  It of course has to be done whilst her husband is out (we never normally mention the staple gun).

So all in all we have a good excuse for 2 get togethers.  This year I have planned the walk for the greenery; there is a holly bush behind the tarn near to the house which is festooned with berries, so we can collect some from there. And in reality there is no need to venture far as the old building next to my cottage is heaving under the weight of ivy which I need to cut back, so I am using this opportunity to get started.

So house is dressed and ready, bubbles are out and food is served.

Good evening had by all.





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