Cracking Day

Someone must have been listening, my last post was not overly cheery for a New Year post.  I would like to say it was just realistic!

So far this year we have already had enough rain to ensure that my washing machine is on constantly, trying to keep up with keeping Ellie’s towels after she has been out for a run!

But today;  what a cracker.

It started with a walk out, around the tarn, where swans were swimming, Ellie did a great job of catching a pheasant.

And the sun was shining.

A friend then called and asked if I wanted to go for a ride on the horses!!.. Oh if I have to, on such a great day. Russell was not overly keen to start off with, he didn’t want to leave is best friend behind, but then he forgot, and enjoyed himself and I only had to hang on a couple of times.

And then, when I got back, a friend had been round yesterday and put up a blind  in the kitchen.  It is onto an external wall, and so took some doing.  But I needed to take it down, and remake it.  It was a slatted blind, but, after taking out all but 5 of the slats I turned it into a roman blind… Oh how proud am I.

And now, Tinker and Ellie hogging the fire, the only outstanding issue is that I haven’t christened dinner yet.  Hay Ho,

Tinker and Ellie
Tinker and Ellie

Happy Sunday


SL x

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