Coniston Water

Ellie and I were invited out for a kayak trip on Coniston.  This was a really nice offer, although I did wonder if I would catch hyperthermia.

So lifejacket on, and as many warm clothes as I could get on under said lifejacket and away we paddles.

Although Coniston is the third biggest lake in the Lake District it is only 5 miles long, that said, when paddling this can seem further.  To the North West is Coniston Old Man, a mountain scarred by mining of years gone by.  It towers above the lake.

It is also the lake the author; Aurthur Randsome based a lot of his book; Swallow and Amazons.  In particular the island near the south end.

It was a cold day, with snow on the tops, but paddling always keeps you warm and even my feet survived.

So back to the north end, just taking off lifejacket and blankets and the sun decided to set…. what an end to the day

Ellie had found the whole experience exhilarating, (being that close to ducks all day).. And was very glad to find her way to bed early…. although not sure it was her bed!

tired Ellie
tired Ellie

SL x


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