A Day in Ennerdale

It is a good old drive over to Ennerdale, you can either head over the passes; Harnknott and Wrynose or go the long way round out towards the west coast; due to the weather this is the route I took.

There was still snow on the tops and as I set off the car computer told me it was -6.

It takes far longer than it should to get over to Ennerdale, as roads are twisty and narrow never mind steep with fatal drops to the sides… This is the main reason I don’t head over more often. But it was a beautiful day and I wanted to do a “proper walk” with Ellie and plumped for Ennerdale.

The road by the side of the Water (it isn’t called a lake) still had a scattering of snow on it but I wanted to park half way along in at Bowness Bay, so absolutely opposite to Bowness Bay on the shore of Lake Windermere which has coaches of tourists unloading every minute of the day.  Here there were no other cars, and as such not a person to be seen.

I walked anti-clockwise. This allowed me to get as much of the sun as there was before walking along the south side which is under the shadow of Anglers Crag and back into minus degrees of temperature.  But it was beautiful and well worth the drive out.

hope you like the pictures

SL x


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