Half term visit

I love having friends come and visit.  As I have horses, donkey, duck, chickens, cats and a dog, it is not very easy for me to go away for a few days, so a visit to me means I see my lovely friends without having to find someone to house sit.

This was a short notice visit, was I free? Could Karen and her 2 children come and stay? Ian was working so it would just be the 3 of them….. and could we climb a mountain….?  My idea of a fun visit!

They arrived late in the evening so supper, chats and bed and ready for the next day….. I forgot to mention, they also brought Cloe, their standard poodle, who barked all night! Next day was a tired day.

But a trip to a waterfall is always fun expecially after all the rain we have had.

We went to the shores of Ulswater and headed up the valley to Aira Force. Due to rain it was looking spectacular.

That night, good evening meal, a glass or so of wine, and we all head off the bed just after 8pm (wild life here in the Lake District).  That did allow for an early start in the morning and off to Gummers How to climb a mountain (of sorts).


A fun couple of days.


SL x


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