“Safety in numbers”, or that it was I thought.  What I failed to mention in my post a couple of weeks ago after my walk around Ennerdale was that on the way home I had a puncture, which involved me getting a lift from a complete stranger to a local pub, staying the night there, getting up at 5am to ring the RAC asking them to come out to the car, getting a lift back to the car and then sitting and waiting for just over 7 hours before the RAC bothered to come out to me!!  I was high on the fellls so no phone signal and no one near enough to walk to.

To re-cap; this blog is my diary of happy things, not things that make me cry, which is what I did for some hours after this episode.

But I have brushed myself down and decided to get back out there; but I thought lets go walking with a group, safety in numbers!

So I joined a Facebook group and arranged to join them on a walk over Cat Bells.  This is a walk I first did when I was 4 years old, taken by my parents, whom I have never forgiven, although it is not the longest of walks it is very steep to start off with and a scramble in places.  The views at the top are worth it.  And once up, there is a ridge followed by gentle walk down to the lakeshore and back around.

So 13 of us set off on the walk, less than a mile in one of the group was taken ill, resulting in the air ambulance being called and mountain rescue team running up the mountain.

The organisers and the guide obviously went with the injured party (who thankfully is now fully recovered).

I was the only one to have done the walk before and as such, ended up leading!  I bit of a worry when over in the East I could see the snow clouds looming.  But we all got back safe and sound and headed for the pub.

Quite an adventure on what was supposed to be an uneventful group walk!………….. is it me??!!



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