when did you last see your…


Now last year was not my best, I admitted this to myself reasonably early on and gave myself a break from having to even attempt to keep on top of all the jobs that “needed” to be done, never mind the ones I would like to get done.  As a consequence the polytunnel became a space of its own. Overgrown and unloved.

But this year, I plan to give it a bit more care and attention.  In fairness, (not that I needed an excuse), it didn’t help in that the soil was tired. It has lost it’s nutrients and needs replacing or organic matter adding to it.  So I plan on adding good rotten horse and chicken manure, along with some old bark chippings to add some body to it.

As it is very wet and windy at the moment, working in the polytunnel is one of the few jobs I can do without drowning, or freezing to death. So although I will not be planting anything in here for quite a few weeks, it is good to at least make it look slightly loved, cared for.  And importantly ready for action this Spring!

I still need to wash the plastic, but this can wait till it is a bit warmer.

my polytunnel
my polytunnel





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