Easter Fun

It has been great fun with family visiting which always is a good excuse to turn into the Lake District tour guide… and join in being a tourist.

So we have been to Wastwater, and climbed Yewbarrow Fell.  Half way up, the snow came down.  We were prepared and dressed for it, so all good, then the sun came out so we could enjoy the views.

The next day was a trip over to Grizedale forest and a walk into Hawkshead, you don’t need pictures of Hawkshead, just the cakes!!!

After everyone had headed home I headed up to Bassenthwaite and had a pootle up Sale Fell, I have never been up there before, will definitely do it again, not a big walk, but the views are great. And a pub at the end, with a fire roaring and home made crisps.

The weather was sunny in between the snow and I got the first ride out of the year in warm weather.

Ah………………  and, on my last day of holidays I clipped Albert so as to get rid of his very thick winter coat, it took some doing, I thought he would be awful and try to kill me and Cassie who was helping, but, I imagine it felt nice for him, he stood and behaved…. of course it had to snow the next day!!  thankfully I have a big thick rug to make up for no hair.

Back to work for a break as they say..



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