Spring has Sprung

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote a post.  A few reasons, one I have been grumpy miserable, feeling a bit sorry for myself, secondly I have not had any visitors so no excuse to cook or bake and thirdly done little things but nothing to justify a post.

So I have had words with myself, the reason I started this blog was to remind myself how lucky I am, and to stay positive.

So a few photos of my last few weeks, there will be a separate post on walking Cat Bells in the dark and a meal I made for my friends who stayed this weekend.

One of my grumps is due to being foxed, and having over 25 chickens to collect after being killed and left in bits around the yard.  They had names, Mr Fox didn’t eat them, just killed and left!

I have been given 3 ducks and 1 hen, 2 hens were also sat in the brooding coop with their chicks, and somehome Flopsy, my rather dopy cockerel managed to survive; but that is all I have left!!!!

I have been for a swim in Lake Windermere.  I was a little cold (understatement), but realy fresh and felt invigorating.

A good bit of luck, Russell lost his first shoe in the field, so after some hours of wandering round (gave me lots of time to “divot”) I found it!!

So Spring has Sprung, lets have fun!





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