Cod, Leek and Cider Crumble

Yippee,  friends came to visit last weekend so I had an excuse to cook.  the only problem was we went to the pub, so the starters and pudding are still sat in the fridge!!

Anyway, this is a great meal, which I now know is especially good at soaking up alcohol.  Good comfort food, but very tasty, the cider really comes through.


this is for 4 people

2 cod filltes (300g)
100ml milk
150g leeks
30g butter
275ml cider
15g flour
2 tbsp double cream 
90g plain flour
35g breadcrumbs
any nuts to have hanging around (not salted)
45g cold butter
30g mature cheddar
10g Parmesan,


Heat the oven to 180oC

heat the 30g of butter in a large pan
slice the leeks and add to the butter, cook for 5 mins
add a couple of tablespoons of cider
put lid on the pan and cook on a medium heat for another 5 mins

In a separate pan heat the 100ml of milk, add the fish
the fish needs to be almost covered by the milk.
turn the heat down low, put the lid on and simmer gently
for around 4 mins, until the fish is cooked

remove the fish and break into bite size chunks,
place into a casserole dish (to finish cooking and serve in)

with the milk in the pan, now add the flour and stir until thickened 

add the remainder of the cider, not allowing the sauce to become too thin
add the cream, this will make the sauce slightly thicker 

chop the remaining butter into chunks, 
grate the cheese
place into a mixer

add a good handful of nuts

whizz until turns into a crumble mix

place the sauce over the fish,

place the crumble mix on top

grate some parmesan on top 

Cook in the over for 30 minutes, until brown and bubbling.

Yummy, and if lucky there will be enough left over for lunch the next day.




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