Hello, I am Sarah Louise.  I live in a cottage (surprise) in the Lake District, where, again, surprise, it is wet and windy. Really I suppose you could call it a smallholding.

I have a springer spaniel,  horses, 3 cats, 3 ducks, some chickens (try not to count as the number just goes up and up), and a donkey.  We cannot forget the donkey.

I love gardening, and have a foundation degree in horticulture. I have an over run garden, polytunnel and pottage.  There is a small area I call an orchard, but that is poetic license.

As my day job is as a Lawyer in Cumbria, it is not surprising that I have not got very far yet.  So my plan is to start a blog to keep an update of my progress, so that means I have to make progress!  Yes?… lets wait and see.

I also want a record of what has been achieved, it is really easy to fall into gloom, particularly in winter, and just look at the negatives, what I haven’t got done, what still needs doing.. , but I live in the most beautiful area of the country, I have to feel blessed about it, but, sometimes I just need to be reminded.

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